Commercial Fences for Security and More

When addressing security concerns related to a commercial property, few investments pay off quite like quality fences. Elegant aluminum fencing, versatile chain link fence and tall privacy fences have appropriate commercial fence applications, and are often fitted with automatic security gate systems for securing parking lots and loading docks. When choosing a fence for your commercial building or industrial property, consider these factors:

Visual impact on your property and neighbors. Does your new commercial fence compliment the architecture of surrounding buildings? Are existing signs obstructed by the intended height, and will gates have enough space to be open and shut without interference?

Fence materials and style. To increase the security and privacy of a parking area, outdoor storage area or facilities maintenance lot, consider chain link fence with slats, Trex fence, wooden privacy fencing. For more formal, traditional treatments, steel and aluminum fence emulate wrought iron fence and require little to no maintenance. For a clean look with low visual impact, consider chain link fences to secure commercial and industrial buildings.

Security factor. If increased security is your goal, taller fences can be a physical barrier as well as a psychological deterrent to entry and theft. Additionally, automatic gates can increase the security level offered by your new fence.